Integrated and innovative steel slag utilization for iron reclamation

It is estimated that worldwide iron and steel production in 2014 was 1190 and 1650 Mt, respectively (USGS, 2015). Table 2 summarizes the amounts of the typical solid wastes generated from iron and steelmaking plants, such as blast furnace slag (BFS), basic oxygen furnace slag (BOFS), electric arc furnace slag (EAFS) and ladle refining …Web

Basic oxygen furnace slag: Review of current and potential uses

Steel slag are of three types, they are classified as Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), electric arc furnace (EAF) and Ladle Furnace slag (LFS), detailed description is given below [8][9][10][11][12 ...Web

Sustainable Approaches for LD Slag Waste Management in Steel …

The LD slag is utilized as a raw material for concrete production, road construction, railway ballast, ... "The use of waste basic oxygen furnace slag and hydrogen peroxide to degrade 4-chlorophenol," Waste Manage., 19, 495–502 ... "Use of steel works slag in Europe," Waste Manage., 16, No. 1–3, 59–63 ...Web

Utilization of steel slag waste as construction material: A review

The steel obtained from BOF and EAF processes is laid through a ladle unit to produce high-quality steel. Slag from an electric arc furnace (EAF) is further divided into two distinct categories such as black basic slag having a lime concentration of<40 % and other as black and white basic slag having a percentage of lime greater than 40 %.Web

Characterization and activation of Basic Oxygen Furnace slag

Basic Oxygen Furnace slags are byproducts of the conversion of pig iron to steel in a Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF). The operating principle of pig iron refining is to blow oxygen in order to oxidize carbon and then decrease the carbon content. During this operation, lime is added in the converter in order to fix undesirable elements in slag and ...Web

Expansion Level of Steel Slag Aggregate Effects on Both Material

The influence of steel slag expansion level on the early stage performance of hot mix asphalt (HMA) is evaluated. Initially, samples of Linz-Donawitz type steel slag with different levels of expansion (6.71%, 3.16%, 1.33%) were submitted to physical, mechanical, and morphological characterization to assess the effects of expansion on individual …Web

(PDF) Use of Iron and Steel Slags in Concrete: State of the Art …

12 0– 180 kg of basic oxygen furnace and electric arc furnace slags per ton of steel produced, and 3 0– 80 kg of ladle furnace slag per ton of steel trea ted with secondary metallurgy pro- cesses.Web

(PDF) The Reuse of Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag as …

Basic oxygen furnace slag is considered a potential material for the replacement of natural aggregate in Portland cement concrete due to its similar physical characteristics. Therefore,...Web

Blended Cement Mixed with Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Slag …

Here, we report blended Portland slag cement, in which ordinary Portland cement was enhanced by basic oxygen steelmaking slag (BOF). The environment-friendly, self-sensing concrete reported in Reference [ 41 ] is expanded for advanced understanding on the mechanical and chemical properties of the BOF-enhanced cement.Web

Production of cement-free construction blocks from industry wastes

This carbonation reaction is a carbon uptake process which can be employed to capture and store carbon dioxide in steel slag for emission reduction (Huijgen et al., 2005). It is reported that one kilo of basic oxygen furnace slag can capture 215 g of carbon dioxide at the specific conditions (Chen et al., 2016).Web

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Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag (BOF), as alternatives for aggregate in asphalt pavement construction, is beneficial to the environment by reducing land occupation and resource consumption. However, the quantitative effects on energy consumption and emissions reduction remains poorly understood due to the unavailability of local life cycle inventory. …Web

Characterizing Chronologically Aged Basic Oxygen Furnace …

Before using basic oxygen furnace slag (BOFS) in any engineering application, it is important to determine its properties. The chemical composition, mineralogy, and physical properties of BOF slag are subject to large fluctuations as a result of different raw additives, different compositions of the molten iron used for producing the steel, …Web

Phases Reconstruction and ing Modification of Basic Oxygen Furnace

Basic oxygen furnace (BOF) slag is a main byproduct produced during the converter steelmaking process. The poor grindability of BOF slag limits its added-value application. In this paper, the grinding characteristics of unmodified and reconstructed BOF slag were compared. Additionally, the grinding property of reconstructed steel slag was …Web

Applicability of Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag as a Concrete …

It may be concluded that basic oxygen furnace slag can be used as a concrete aggregate if the grading of fine slag aggregates coarsened by its slow hydration is improved by …Web

The Reuse of Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag as Concrete …

Basic oxygen furnace slag is considered a potential material for the replacement of natural aggregate in Portland cement concrete due to its similar physical …Web

A review on utilization of steel slag in hot mix asphalt

M. J. Qazizadeh, H. Farhad, A. Kavussi, A. Sadeghi, Evaluating the fatigue behavior of asphalt mixtures containing electric arc furnace and basic oxygen furnace slags using surface free energy estimation, J. Clean. Prod. 188 (2018) 355–361. Google Scholar Oregon DOT, Steel Slag in Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete.Web

A Review of the Influence of Steel Furnace Slag Type on the …

Keywords: steel furnace slag; electric arc furnace slag; basic oxygen furnace slag; ladle metallurgy furnace slag; argon oxygen decarburization slag; concrete 1. Introduction As a by-product of the various processes of smelting metallic ores, slags are a potentially useful commodity in civil infrastructure applications.Web

The Use of Steel Slags in Asphalt Pavements: A State …

Steel slag is a by-product obtained through the separation of molten steel from impurities in steel-making furnaces. It can be produced by different types of furnaces (blast, basic oxygen, electric arc, ladle …Web

Engineering properties and performance of asphalt mixtures

Asphalt mixtures incorporating basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steel slag as coarse aggregate were prepared and subsequently subjected to laboratory tests to determine the engineering properties of asphalt concrete. Results showed that the addition of steel slag into asphalt mixtures had high resistance to permanent deformation and …Web

Numerical investigation of basic oxygen furnace slag

Abstract. To avoid the volume expansion of basic oxygen furnace (BOF) slag for use in building materials, a hot slag modification process was proposed to …Web

Stabilization of basic oxygen furnace slag by hot-stage …

Highlights Novel hot-stage carbonation approach to Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) slag presented. Optimum carbonation rate at boundary of equilibrium (830–850 °C at 1 atm CO 2). Limited effect of pressure (0.2–20 bar CO 2) and steam (8 bar H 2 O) on CO 2 uptake. Slag CO 2 uptake proportional to particle size, surface area and free lime …Web

Utilisation of aged and unaged basic oxygen furnace steel slag

Utilisation of aged and unaged basic oxygen furnace steel slag aggregates in pavement quality concrete January 2023 Authors: Binod Kumar Abstract The study …Web

Co-utilization of aqueous carbonated basic oxygen furnace slag …

It is generally agreed that aqueous carbonation of basic oxygen furnace slag (BOFS) is a promising and effective strategy to sequestrate CO 2 and enhance the slag …Web

Ladle Furnace Slag: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

The conversion of iron to steel results in different types of steel slags. Depending on how these slags are formed, they are classified into basic oxygen furnace (BOF) or electric arc furnace (EAF) slag. Further refining of the steel products from the BOF and EAF in a ladle furnace (LF) results in the production of ladle refined furnace (LF ...Web

Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Slag: Formation, Reaction, and …

Basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS) slag, a product of hot metal element (e.g., Si, Mn, Fe, P) oxidation and flux (e.g. lime, dolomite) dissolution, plays a critical role in the production of high-quality crude steel, although its behavior inside the BOS vessel (formation and reaction with metal droplets and gas) is still not clear and its recycling has …Web

Evaluation of the Volume Stability and Resource Benefit of Basic Oxygen

Basic oxygen furnace (BOF) slag is the main co-product in the steelmaking process, its recycling within the iron and steel enterprises is crucial for the industry to ensure greater sustainability.Web

Air granulated basic Oxygen furnace (BOF) slag

open access This study evaluates the air granulated BOF slag potential as a cementitious material by comparing the granulated and conventionally cooled slags. The …Web