Selective Flotation of Chalcopyrite and Pyrite from a Mixed Copper

A process that allows selective flotation separation of low Cu/S ratio minerals (chalcopyrite and pyrite) from high Cu/S ratio minerals (bornite and chalcocite) from a mixed copper mineral concentrate under controlled oxidative-reductive potential conditions has been developed. The process has been extensively tested on samples with varying …Web

OneMine | Selectivity and Power of Poly (Propylene Glycol) and …

Froth flotation is widely used for upgrading of ores and other materials. Efficiency of flotation depends on many parameters, including type, chemical structure and dose of flotation reagents. Selection of a proper frother in flotation depends on the material used, necessary dose of frother and its selectivity. The selectivity of flotation can be …Web

OneMine | Characteristics of Modern Copper Flotation Circuits

This paper outlines the cell and ore floatability characteristics of each …Web

OneMine | Flotation of Gold-Bearing Non-Ferrous Ores with …

"The purpose of this research is to develop enhancements in the mineral processing by flotation methods of nonferrous ores. Currently, 180-190 million tons of ore are processed by flotation in Russia. The annual processing volume of copper-nickel and copper-zinc ores exceeds 20 million tons. In the total volume of processed ores by …Web

OneMine | Flash Flotation Circuit Design Considerations

"The first SkimAir flash flotation cell was installed in Outokumpu's Hammaslahti Copper Concentrator in 1982 to prevent overgrinding of soft sulphides in the milling circuit. Since this first installation the popularity of the flash flotation has fluctuated depending on metal market conditions and regional preferences. Units have been …Web

OneMine | Acidic Pretreatment of Hard-to-treat Copper Ore Flotation

Unique mineralogical and petrological properties of black shale in the copper ore deposit of the Foresudetic Monocline (SW Poland) resulting from three lithological layers have been described in terms of its unfavorable behavior in the ore processing circuits. A concept of processing of a part of the black shale fraction from the flotation circuit of the …Web

OneMine | The Role of Soluble Sodium Silicate for Enhancing Flotation

Sodium silicate(s), also known as "water glass", are one of the oldest and most widely used industrial chemicals. Its first use in North American mining operations can be traced back to around 1925, which coincided with early use of xanthates in mineral flotation. Silicate functions as a sulphide and non-sulphide gangue mineral dispersant, depressant …Web

OneMine | Thermochemical Recovery of Gold and Silver from the Flotation

"The thermochemical technology for recovery gold, silver from mature flotation tailings of pyrite ores by two-stage sintering with chlorine-ammonium reagents and leaching of bakes with water is developed. The economic effect of the technology implementation is calculated. KEYWORDS Gold and silver recovery, mature flotation …Web

OneMine | Application of a New Separation Method of Fine Complex Copper

In this paper, the development of research and practice on the separation process of fine complex Cu-S ore at a Copper Mine in south of China, was discussed. Since early 1980s, various processes were used, such as the process of bulk flotation-separation, the process of selection flotation and the process of iso-flotation. Especially when the …Web

OneMine | Copper Oxide Flotation Using the Combined …

"Benzohydroxamic acid with double dentate can react with copper to form cyclic hydroxyl oxime acid copper chelate, indicating a good selectivity for copper oxide minerals flotation, especially for malachite. The flotation results of the pure malachite mineral show a strong synergistic collecting effect between hydroximic acid and xanthate …Web

OneMine | Differential Flotation of Copper-Zinc at Prieska Copper …

The differential flotation process finally worked out involves a comparatively coarse grind, flotation of the copper at near-neutral pH with the use of a zinc-cyande sphalerite depressant, followed by flotation of the reactivated sphalerite. This procedure has had such success that the construction of a full-scale plant is proceeding with ...Web

OneMine | Grinding Chemistry and its Impact on Copper Flotation

Grinding with an electrochemically inert grinding media (i.e. high chrome white iron, or Magotteaux's Duromax® alloys) shifts the pulp potentials to more oxidising conditions, increases the dissolved oxygen content and reduces the EDTA extractable iron concentration when compared with milling with electrochemically active grinding media …Web

OneMine | A new paradigm for metal activation in zinc sulfide flotation

Sphalerite flotation using copper sulfate has been performed in the industry for decades and the mechanism of Cu activation is well established. Despite its ubiquity, many practical questions surrounding copper sulfate persist. It is not clear how iron selectivity is achieved in zinc circuits given the propensity of iron sulfides to be activated …Web


The Kennecott Copperton concentrator is currently the bottleneck for the Kennecott operation and several projects have been initiated to increase throughput. This increase in grinding circuit throughput has resulted in a coarser grind size which has impacted flotation circuit recovery. Outotec 300m3 forced air tank flotation cells …Web

OneMine | New Developments in Hydrometallurgical Copper Ore …

The hydrometallurgical treatment of copper ores and concentrates continues to be an active field of innovation. The direct extraction of copper from ores containing chalcopyrite is an important development to provide an alternative to flotation-smelting and refining. Jetti Resources (with the University of British Columbia) and the JX Nippon …Web

OneMine | Acidic Pretreatment of Hard-to-treat Copper Ore …

This by-product represents the tailings of the first cleaning flotation and, as …Web

OneMine | Hydrometallurgical processing for recovery of base …

Metallurgical treatments of sulfide ores containing copper and zinc are characterized by significant losses of base metals, particularly formation of the flotation tailings and slags during the dressing and pyrometallurgical treatment respectively. In addition, SO2 gas obtained during roasting and converting may be as raw material for …Web

OneMine | Differential Flotation of Copper-Zinc at Prieska Copper …

The differential flotation process finally worked out involves a comparatively coarse …Web

OneMine | Process Options for Copper and Gold Recovery from …

One of the possible routes for processing involves flotation of a bulk …Web

OneMine | Operating Flotation Cells of the KFM Series in the …

The flotation cell proved to be much more efficient than originally expected in the process description in the design phase,flotation of the copper-zinc ore from Novo-Shemur deposit (PJSC Svyatogor concentrator) in two KFM- 1400M cells recovers up to 65% of copper and 70% of zinc in a high-grade bulk copper-zinc concentrate containing …Web

OneMine | Usage of Anionic Dispersants to Reduce the Impact of …

The presence of clays, in particular clay slime, may complicate many mining operations. Clay slime particles may possess a negative or positive charge depending upon the pH in the process and their presence may lead to reduced recoveries in flotation processes. It is assumed that slime particles may adsorb onto the surfaces of the …Web

OneMine | Some Reasons for Selectivity in Copper Activation of …

1N FLOTATION, copper sulphate is used universally for the activation of sphalerite and marmatite and, to some extent, for the activation of other minerals. The copper activated surface readily adsorbs standard collectors such as the xanthates and dialkyl dithiophosphates whereas untreated zir~ sulphide does not. With the host of reagents …Web

OneMine | "Flotation of sulfide minerals from copper ores in

The application of new collectors is considered to improve the beneficiation of Polish sedimentary complex copper ores from the Legnica-Glogow Copper Basin (SW Poland), the upgradeability of which becomes more difficult because of ores grade declining. One group of potential collectors is represented by nonpolar reagents. According to the …Web

OneMine | Flotation of a Porphyry Copper Ore with Cellulose …

The present work showcases a study on the impact on flotation performance of cellulose surfactant derivatives and their mixtures with commercial frothers. Bubble size and property measurements were run in a two-phase system along with laboratory-scale flotation experiments conducted using a porphyry copper ore from a mine in Finland.Web

OneMine | The Use of Diisobutyl Thiophosphinates in the Flotation …

"The purpose of the study is to study the feasibility of using sodium diisobutyl dithiophosphinate (DDP) to enhance the recovery of platinum group elements from low-grade refractory copper-nickel ores characterized by a portion of nickel and platinum group elements (PGEs) locked in the dominant sulfide mineral — pyrrhotite. These ore …Web

OneMine | Flotation of Problematic Cu-Zn Ores in ÇBI (Turkey)

"In this paper, a case study from Çayeli Bakir Isletmeleri A.S. (Rize, Turkey) about the selective flotation of copper minerals from sphalerite is discussed. Çayeli Cu-Zn Sulfide Ore contains different ore types, such as yellow ore, clastic ore, bornite-clastic ore, bornite-yellow ore, and black ore. For some of these ore types, selective flotation of …Web

OneMine | Use Of Ozone In The Differential Flotation Of Bulk Copper

Differential flotation of bulk sulfide concentrates from Duluth gabbro into copper and nickel concentrates could be implemented by first destroying the hydrophobic coating with ozone and then by recovering the copper concentrate with a copper-selective collector. A number of parameters involved in the use of ozone, such as the sequence and the conditioning …Web

OneMine | Benchmarking Performance of the Two-Stage …

The results from on-site pilot scale work conducted on typical copper concentrator rougher flotation feed showed retention time gains on the order of 6 to 9 times when compared with conventional flotation equipment. This finding has the potential of reducing capital demands for rougher flotation circuit designs when incorporating the …Web

OneMine | Flotation practices at Brunswick Mining

"The Brunswick Mining concentrator processes 10,000 D.S. T. per day of a complex sulphide ore. Four separate concentrates- zinc, lead, copper and bulk-are produced by selective flotation. Several major changes have been made to the Brunswick flotation circuit to improve the process and control. This paper will describe the present flotation …Web