Membrane modules for nitrogen and oxygen generator systems

provide: 100 x 2.5 = 250 m3/hr of feed-air to produce the requested nitrogen flow. Nitrogen and Oxygen Purity Parker Fluxx membrane modules can provide nitrogen gas with a purity ranging from 95% to 99.9%*. The Parker Oxy membrane modules can supply an oxygen content ranging from 28% up to 40%. *Depending on selected membrane module AgeingWeb

Modular calcination strategy to construct defect-rich nitrogen …

A series of modified N-doped Nb 2 O 5 were prepared through a modular calcination strategy.. A gray black modified N-doped Nb 2 O 5 with abundant chemical defects of oxygen vacancies and Nb 4+ ions (HN-Nb 2 O 5) was constructed.. HN-Nb 2 O 5 achieved highly efficient and selective photocatalytic oxidation of cyclohexane to …Web

Oxymat Oxygen and Nitrogen Solutions

The unique design eliminates the need for air- and product vessels. Together with a very low power consumption of 0,2 kW per m3, we have launched the smallest foot print world wide. Oxymat offers Marine Nitrogen PSA from 100 to 10.000 m3/h delivered with certificate by all major class associations like DNV, ABS, GL, Lloyds, BV etc ...Web

Quality N2 Nitrogen Generator & PSA Nitrogen Generator factory …

Henan Junfang Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is a professional gas equipment manufacturing enterprise. Its main products include nitrogen generator, oxygen generator, ammonia decomposition hydrogen production, and PSA technology applied to gas manufacturing equipment. The company has a professional R&D and technical team.Web

Cryogenic Process | Nitrogen & Oxygen Liquifiers | ELM

Our modular Nitrogen Liquefaction Plants can be configured to specific needs, such as liquefying an oxygen gas stream or simultaneous liquefaction of oxygen and nitrogen gas streams. Flow rate, pressure, and purity level are all completely adjustable. These are equipped with single or dual Nikkiso Cosmodyne turboexpanders (> 500 Nm³/hr).Web

The nitrogen cycle: Current Biology

Nitrogen fixation is extremely oxygen sensitive, requiring microorganisms to develop protective mechanisms, such as spatial decoupling (compartmentalization or forming specialized cells), ... Nitrogen fixation is inherently modular, with gene clusters distributed across numerous bacterial and archaeal phyla, arguing once again that …Web

OXYMAT | High quality nitrogen and oxygen generators

Our industries and applications. OXYMAT PSA oxygen and nitrogen generators can be used in a wide range of applications within many different sectors such as: aquaculture, …Web

Cryogenic Nitrogen

Modular*Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants: Modular, Liquid Oxygen (LOX) / Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) 2.0TPD or 5.0 TPD. Designed for applications, …Web

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for Aviation & Defense

It provides a flow rate of 12 m. The GPV is a mobile system for the supply of high pressure liquid to gaseous nitrogen or oxygen for aircraft. It is available in two different versions: nitrogen ou oxygen. It is supplied with liquefied gas from fixed or mobile tanks . The GPV has a mobile storage solution of 250 liters, in order to vaporize it ...Web

Reliable oxygenation conceivable with new design for portable

Simulation-based optimization determines most favorable design for oxygen concentrators. Date: August 30, 2021. Source: Texas A&M University. Summary: Anticipating the increased need for better ...Web

Modular Rapid PSA System for High Purity Oxygen Production

Production of 10-50 ton-per-day (TPD) high purity (>95%) oxygen at a lower cost is an enabling technology for successful development and deployment of these systems. Furthermore, this technology can fill niche applications such as medical oxygen supply, oxygen for ozone production, sulfur recovery, refining, smelting, water …Web

PRISM® Cryogenic Oxygen Plants and Services

Local Support. PRISM ® Cryogenic Oxygen Plants offer cost-effective and highly-reliable production of gaseous oxygen as well as nitrogen and argon for some requirements. These plants can be designed with required …Web

Oxygen generator, O2 gas generator

compressed air generator i-Flow O2. oxygen laboratory for the pharmaceutical industry. Output: 70 l/min - 480 l/min. Gas purity: 90 % - 94 %. On demand oxygen generation system i-Flow O 2 is a modular & expandable Pressure Swing Adsoprtion (PSA) O 2 generator. Our industrial oxygen gas generator ...Web

Modular calcination strategy to construct defect-rich nitrogen …

Herein, nitrogen-doped Nb 2 O 5 (N-Nb 2 O 5) was prepared by annealing treatment of the pure Nb 2 O 5 in ammonia atmosphere. Combined with other annealing treatment atmosphere, a modular calcination strategy was proposed to investigate the effect of the annealing atmosphere, order and temperature on the photocatalytic performance …Web

AirSep Oxygen And Nitrogen Products | CAIRE, Inc.

For over 30 years, AirSep Oxygen Generators have been a proven alternative to any other oxygen source, reliably producing oxygen, 24/7. AirSep now offers stationary two-bed custom PSA Nitrogen Generators, Modular Membrane-based and PSA Nitrogen Generators in an expandable, cabinet configuration, as well as containerized, shipboard …Web

Cryogenic Oxygen

The PCI GAMMA Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Nitrogen Generator is designed to be transportable on a C-130 aircraft. It can be deployed and operational in extreme remote locations in under four hours. The plant can also produce high pressure Gaseous Oxygen (GO2) or Gaseous Nitrogen (GN2) for filling cylinders. This self-contained plant, built on a 463L ...Web


NOVAIR USA, a member of NOVAIR Groupe based in Paris, France, is the global leading designer and manufacturer of onsite oxygen generators, nitrogen generators, medical air and vacuum equipment.Web

NITROSWING | Modular PSA Nitrogen Generator

Flexible and Expandable The NITROSWING is compact enough to fit in a variety of locations within any industrial setting with need for onsite nitrogen at any given time, but powerful enough, and with the unique modular …Web

Oxygen Gas Generators | PSA generators

All OXYMAT oxygen equipment including pressure vessels is manufactured and surface treated in-house. Welding is done on our German welding robot and we have our own facilities for surface treatment with sandblasting, powder coating, and curing. Vessels are approved for PED or ASME. If NDT is required, we even have our own X-RAY …Web

Membrane Nitrogen Generator System Manufacturer | Generon

The GENERON ® Membrane module contains over one million fibers that selectively remove oxygen and water vapor from compressed air, which enters one end of the membrane module. The enriched nitrogen product flows continuously from the other end of the module where it can be used in production, blanketing, or captured for storage.Web


MODULAR PSA NITROGEN GENERATOR Up to 99.999% nitrogen. MODULAR PSA NITROGEN GENERATOR NITROSWING NOVAIR presents the new generation of ... The generators can produce nitrogen with a residual oxygen content ranging from 10ppm to 3.0 vol%. 7'' HMI for real time purity monitoring andWeb

Nitrogen Gas Generators

Modular construction means less than half the size of conventional designs providing lowest cost installation and saving on valuable floor space. Modular design stand-by at a fraction of the cost. 10 year guarantee on pressure envelope (PSA). Constant nitrogen quality due to snow storm filling (PSA). Easy add on sub units (membrane).Web


NITROGEN – A line of robust, reliable and modular Nitrogen generators, based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology using state of the art Carbon Molecular Sieves adsorbents. Nitrogen is designed to be easily installed in any indoor facility, requiring only a compressed air line and a power connection.Web

Nitrogen generation for the aerospace industry

oxygen. Therefore, nitrogen is the effective choice of compressed gas used in oleo struts and the refilling of the gas is an ... to produce a continuous stream of nitrogen from compressed air. The modular gas generator consists of pairs of extruded aluminium columns, which are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). Pre-treated compressed air ...Web

Modular PSA Nitrogen Generator | N2 Generation System

NOVAIR presents NITROSWING®, modular PSA nitrogen generator. After years of research and development, NOVAIR engineers have significantly improved …Web

Genetic regulation of biological nitrogen fixation

The oxygen sensitivity of nitrogenase and the energetic requirements for nitrogen fixation impose physiological constraints on diazotrophs, necessitating tight regulation of nitrogen fixation (nif ...Web

Flexible oxygen concentrators for medical applications

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), medical-grade oxygen has oxygen concentration between 90 and 96% V/V with remaining nitrogen and argon. In alignment with these specifications, the typical oxygen product obtained from adsorption-based MOC devices consists of 90–93% oxygen at a production rate of less than 10 …Web

GENERON® Modular PSA Nitrogen Generator

GENERON's Modular PSA Nitrogen Generators separate nitrogen from compressed air utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technologies. Factory generated nitrogen production eliminates the safety issues of handling and storing bottles and liquid nitrogen. ... Increased life of oxygen sensor from 18 months to 60 months; Unit is pretested and ...Web

NitroSwing Modular PSA Nitrogen Generator

NitroSwing Modular PSA Nitrogen Generator Up to 99.999% Inert Gas Purity. Patented PSA Process; High Efficiency; Compact and Flexible; CRN Approved; Electrically …Web

PSA or Membrane Generator: Which One Is Right for Your …

Nitrogen systems work by displacing the oxygen-rich atmospheric air, leaving the fire with not enough oxygen to continue to burn, putting it out very quickly. These nitrogen fire protection systems require a room to be fairly airtight so that the nitrogen gas can sufficiently lower the concentration of oxygen in the room.Web

Energy Department Invests $4M in Air Separation Research at National

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy is investing $4 million in federal funding for four national lab-led research and development projects to identify new concepts and technologies for producing oxygen via air separation for use in flexible, modular gasification systems. These projects are supported through a ...Web

Nitrogen Concentrator

Psa Nitrogen Oxygen Generator Concentrator $10,559.25 - $10,830.00. Min Order: 1 set. 3 yrs CN ... Contact Supplier. Chat now. Factory Selling Directly Long Service Life 50l Nitrogen Modular Concentrator And Hypoxic Oxygen Generator With Promotional Price $8,500.00 - $10,000.00. Min Order: 1.0 set. 3 yrs CN Supplier . 5.0 /5 · 2 reviews ...Web

No. Item Quantity Technical Specifications 250

Oxygen Free Dry Nitrogen Cylinder (OFDN) 20L: 250 [Vol, Filling pressure, Test pressure] [20 L, 200 bar, 300 bar] Cylinder valve: W24, 32x1/14"RH (DIN 477, no 10 or equivalent)Cylinder according to requirement of TPED, PED and ADR or DOT equivalent, Concave bottom or convex bottom with footring: 3:Web