It explores the history of two Arctic mining towns, Kiruna in Sweden and Schefferville in Canada, and how actors there dealt with the crisis, how they used legacies from the past in this process, and what the outcomes were, after both towns were hit by …Web

Living conditions of mine workers from eight mines in …

1. Introduction. The workforce of the South African mining industry (SAMI) was traditionally housed in single- mining compounds or hostels from the late 1800s (Marais & Venter, Citation 2006; Republic of …Web

The Rise and Fall of Company Towns | Economic History

Once inaugurated, Kennedy's first executive order established the modern food stamp program, and its first recipients were residents of McDowell County, home to Gary. The rise and fall of Gary — and that of company towns across the country — mirrors the arc of the nation's economy. From the textile mills of the early 1800s to the coal mines ...Web

Company Towns: 1880s to 1935

1880s to 1935. : In the 1890s, in remote locations such as railroad construction sites, lumber camps, turpentine camps, or coal mines, jobs often existed far from established towns. As a pragmatic solution, the employer sometimes developed a company town, where an individual company owned all the buildings and businesses.Web

America's Company Towns, Then and Now

The Kentucky town of Lynch was once a booming coal-mining site. Built in 1917 by U.S. Coal and Coke, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel, it had a commissary, theater, hotel and hospital and a population ...Web

The Vail-ification of the West

If you can spend $ 1, 000 a night or more— perhaps much more during peak season — you might experience a resort town like Vail or Breckenridge as remarkably self-contained. You can stay at a "...Web

locost housing for mining towns

Cement Grinding Workshoplocost Housing For Mining Towns Aluneth. Cement Grinding Workshoplocost Housing For Mining Towns Gold Mine Processing Line In South Africa The flotation separation process was used to select gold ore and the production line was combined with actual production which overcomes many shortcomings of the original …Web

Affordable Housing Solutions in Mining Cities

Affordable Housing Solutions in Mining Cities. Yesterday the More Than Mining campaign was launched, in which Australian Mining Cities Alliance (AMCA) has …Web

Mine housing in the South African coalfields: the unforeseen

To illustrate the effects on the residents of a coal mining town, we identify three housing clusters: renters, homeowners and informal settlers. Using findings from a survey of one South African mining town (Emalahleni), we show how the housing system created by normalisation places undue pressure on municipal services. We argue that by ...Web

Migration, housing and attachment in urban gold mining …

As mining and urban research tend to be conducted by separate cohorts of researchers, there has been relatively little research on the growth of mining settlements (Bryceson and MacKinnon, 2012; Gough and Yankson, 2012).Such settlements are typically portrayed as either consisting of purpose-built housing constructed by mining …Web

History: Life in a mining town wasn't easy and sometimes wasn't …

Three mining towns, Manhattan, Teller City and Lulu City, arose in the hills west of here when the search for gold, silver and prosperity was at its height. Optimism about abundant silver veins ...Web

Scarborough Town Council approves credit enhancement …

The Scarborough Town Council voted 6-1 in favor of a credit enhancement agreement (CEA) with 3i Housing of Maine (3iHoME) and Preservation of Affordable …Web

The New Humanitarian | Focus on dying mining towns

Life in small industrial towns in southern Kyrgyzstan continues to ebb away in the face of an ongoing crisis in the country's mining industry. Nayman is an urbanised settlement, named after the nomadic tribe that used to live in this part of Kyrgyzstan, some 70 km west of Osh, was founded at the end of 1950s with the primary aim of housing …Web

The boom is back in the Pilbara – and so is the housing crisis

Median weekly rental prices in the Hedland area have jumped to $750 compared with $335 in 2018. But that doesn't tell the full story, as there is a huge disparity in the quality of housing in ...Web

The impact of mining induced urbanization : a case study of …

Small towns serving as hosts to large mines face environmental impact challenges as mining induced urbanization affects the environment and ecosystems of host towns negatively (Alam, 2010). Although international studies have mentioned the effects of urbanization and mining, this is not the case in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.Web

'They've lost the lot': how the Australian mining boom blew up in

Newman, an inland town supported by BHP's Mount Whaleback iron ore mine about 1,186km northeast of Perth, dropped 82% from a median house price of $850,000 in 2012 to $153,000 in 2016.Web

Most midcoast Maine towns lack affordable housing, study finds

The small towns of Waldo and Alna are the only two in midcoast Maine with enough affordable housing for their residents, a recent study found. The study …Web

8 Truly Grim Ghost Towns In Nevada

In several of these "ghost towns," different types of remains were left behind as a reminder of Nevada's early mining history. Let's take a look at eight of these ghost towns below. 1. Aurora. wikimedia commons. Aurora, founded in 1860 and located in Mineral County, once had a population of approximately 10,000.Web

locost housing for mining towns

The 7 Best Towns in Nevada for LGBT Families Movoto Real Estate. Source: Going by its selfstyled moniker, "The Biggest Little City in the World," Reno, Nevada is also a big hit with the LGBT community owing to its beautiful scenery, outstanding economic opportunities, affordable housing, and vibrant gay community.Web

Mining and housing: The case of the "Village under the trees …

have benefited from increasing mining activity. One such town is Kathu, 1. where iron-ore mining, owing to the increasing demand from growth in the Chinese economy, has laid the foundation for the unprecedented growth of this small town. 2 – a phenomenon that is fairly uncommon amongst small towns in South Africa (van Niekerk, 2007; Van Rooy ...Web

Mining towns and urban sprawl in South Africa

1. Introduction. Mining towns are a common phenomenon in South Africa. Historically, housing in these towns consisted of privately owned houses (exclusively for white miners, until the mid-1980s), company owned houses and, predominantly until the early 2000s, high density compounds for black miners. Today the mining towns are of …Web

Mining towns, enclaves and spaces A genealogy of worker …

At first glance, the tradition of mining companies providing housing to employees appears to be a vestige of the 20th century. In North America and Western Europe, mining company towns disappeared with the devel-opment of state housing and welfare programs and the rise of the car in-dustry from the 1920s onwards (Daunton, 1990; Crawford, 1995). InWeb

Tesla Deal for Lithium From Quebec Could Intensify …

Martin Ferron, mayor of Malartic, a town of 3,500 residents located 30 kilometres from the Sayona Mine, said the lengthy delays by the provincial government to build more housing "makes no sense ...Web

Can Affluence and Affordable Housing Coexist in Colorado's …

Before the pandemic, Leadville, an old mining town 15 minutes from the trailhead of the highest peak in the Rockies, was an affordable harbor for working-class Hispanic employees of the nearby ...Web

Mining Town Investment Loans | Home Loan Experts

In 2016, Corelogic found that the mining slowdown saw house prices fall in many locations, with one particular mining town experiencing a peak fall of 78%! Specifically, house prices in this town fell from $620,000 in November 2012 to $138,390 in November 2016.Web

Leadville was an old mining town until COVID brought …

Leadville was an unassuming, old mining town — until COVID brought the deep-pocketed tourists. The influx of newcomers to Leadville has infused the city and county with new tax dollars, but …Web

Mining towns get R18bn facelift | SAnews

This is anticipated to deliver approximately 19 000 housing opportunities in mining towns. Two of the housing projects were in Marikana where about 500 houses would be built on land donated by Lonmin. In addition, to the ring-fenced human settlement grant funding for distressed mining towns, the Department of Human Settlements' …Web

Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and …

A living allowance was introduced from the mid-1990s so that miners could find their own housing, an unintended consequence of which has been the informal settlements that have developed near mining towns (Rubin …Web

Frontiers | Sustainable Development in Mining Communities: The …

To support the rapidly developing mining industry, new (open 1) towns were proclaimed—West Wits in 1937, Venterspost in 1937, Westonaria in 1938, Oberholzer in 1939, Bank in 1940, Welverdiend in 1942, Blybank in 1947 and Carletonville in 1948—though Bank did not survive due to the problem of sinkholes (van Eeden, 1997).The first …Web

Housing for the Miners | The Early History of Heilwood

Housing for the coal miners in Heilwood had many similarities to the housing in other bituminous mining areas of Western Pennsylvania in the early 1900s. Designed and constructed for the most part by mine engineers rather than architects, the housing was of a similar plan and type. Arranged along rectangular lines of survey, the houses ...Web

(PDF) An Investigation on Location Choice for …

Location Choice for Housing in Mining Towns 69 Figure 5: Ward wise comparison in percentage of age of houses The figure 5 above shows that the major housing stock is more than 20 years old and from ward 15 to …Web

Is Elon Musk creating a utopian city? The hellish, heavenly …

Corporation-built towns tend to go one of two ways: heavenly or hellish, but usually the second. On the one hand, companies want to build a place that attracts and nurtures its employees; on the ...Web

Housing policy in mining towns: issues of race and risk in South …

The post-apartheid government emphasised ownership and permanence for mineworkers. This paper critically reviews post-apartheid government policy for mine …Web

12 Company Towns You Can Still Visit | 2020 Company Towns

Steinway Village, New York. Tdorante10. Believe it or not, there's a former company town located in a now-densely populated part of New York City. Today, Steinway Village is part of the Astoria ...Web

Housing crisis ousting residents, stunting growth in Australian mining

Rural towns, specifically mining communities, are suffering a housing crisis as rental costs and demand for homes soar. Local councils are urging the federal government to step in.Web

The viability of remote mining communities: insights from …

Introduction. Mining has been an important contributor to the development of remote and regional areas; however, the history of mining for supporting communities can also be one of boom and bust (Eklund Citation 2015) and uneven development (Bradbury Citation 1979).Globally, numerous towns have originally been established to support mining but …Web

Mining towns and coastal regions dominated top housing rental …

Mining dependent towns in Central Queensland such as West Gladstone, Calliope and Gracemere also clocked strong gains of 22.2 per cent on average over the past year as FIFO (fly in, fly out ...Web

The ramifications of exploding interests in small-town living

Playlist An increasing number of people are moving to small towns in rural America to, in part, take advantage of cheaper housing. But some local residents and …Web

Informal settlements and mine development: Reflections from …

Historically, mining companies worldwide provided housing and developed towns to accommodate their employees. At the end of the 1980s this approach became less prevalent and attempts were made to ...Web

Housing project helps South Africa's platinum miners escape shanty towns

Mining companies in South Africa have various social policies they are required to implement but this is the first that strives to give miners a shot at owning middle-class homes that for most ...Web