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Home of the Piggyback! Princeton has almost 30 years of truck-mounted forklift experience. The basics are simple, but there are many details to cover to insure maximum productivity and safety. In general, almost any truck or trailer can be modified to carry a PiggyBack®. Princeton features the EZ Hitch® mounting system, which is a proven and ...Web

Moffett M 5-25.3 diesel truck mounted forklift specs (2006

Nominal load at COG: 2.5t – Centre of gravity: 600mm – Standard tyres: L/L 3 – Weight: 2.38t – Transmission type: HY – Model series: M5. M 5-25.3 diesel truck mounted forklift model manufactured by Moffett in (2006 - 2023). Explore detailed M 5-25.3 truck mounted lift truck specs: technical details, table charts and data sheets to ...Web

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The MOFFETT M5 is perfect for semi-industrial use requiring medium to high lift capacity. The strong yet compact design of a MOFFETT lift truck can navigate the most challenging operating conditions, transferring loads of up to 2,500kgs quickly and safely. Add on the 4-way mode for complete flexibility for negotiating tight spaces with wide loads.Web

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We are the leading used dealer for both the Moffett Forklift & Piggyback forklift. Piggyback forklifts and Moffett truck mounted forklifts are our specialty. See our inventory now. Along with specializing in used Moffetts, we also sell many different brands of used truck mounted forklifts, plus the trailers and trucks that carry them. 90% or more of our units …Web


is the world's leading provider of on-road load handling equipment, intelligent services, smart and connected solutions.Web

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A piece of equipment that is both critical and commonplace in a variety of industrial applications is a truck-mounted forklift. (Also called a piggyback forklift, TMFL, all-terrain forklift, or Donkey.) The unit is essentially a truck that has an open, payload-carrying bed and a forklift attached to the back. The forklift is secured with hooks ...Web

The Difference Between a Conventional and Moffett Forklift

They're slightly larger than conventional ones and can carry more than 5,000 pounds loads. Conventional forklifts have a maximum weight capacity of 3,500 pounds, and they can go as low as 1,800 pounds depending on the model. The Moffett design allows it to be more stable as it has two wheels on each side that balance the load being lifted.Web

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Equipment & Services Brochure Library. At Alta Material Handling, we partner with best-in-class brands like Hyster and Yale, and offer an extensive selection of new forklifts, aerial lifts, and more. As a leading material handling equipment dealer in Michigan, Northern Indiana, Illinois, ia, New England, and New York, we work with you to ...Web

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Phone: (972) 366-2057. visit our website. 18 Miles from Dallas, TX. Email Seller Video Chat. 2015 Moffett M9 55.3LP Low Profile Forklift 12ft PiggyBack 1,893 Hours 5,500 Capacity Sold By Owner *Delivery Available for a Fee With Load Bumper Arms *Machine Sits 8ft tall with a 12ft ...See More Details.Web

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Truck Mounted Forklift. Imperial Metric. Reach Across Bed 51". Added Fork Tilt 0° / 6°. Technical Data. The FHS 55 Reach forklift is the picture of precision, efficiency and control. Our patented Reach System extends the forks forward to the centerline of the trailer while the mast remains firmly against the side of the truck/trailer.Web

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Always a MOFFETT for Your Needs. Lightweight designs for maximized truck capacity, short overhang for strict length regulations, all-wheel drive for rough terrain, powerful engines for heavy cargo, and 4-way steering …Web

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MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts handle congested and confined spaces - even with …Web

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MOFFETT forklifts are built to perform in many applications. As your trusted MOFFETT forklift rental and sales source, HXT offers the following equipment: MOFFETT M4 45.3P NX Series Capacity at 24″ load center: …Web

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Imperial Metric. Reach Across Bed 51". Added Fork Tilt 0° / 6°. Technical Data. The FHS 55 4WP is the perfect solution for difficult, same-side loading/unloading situations. The reach of the pantograph allows you to lift full-capacity loads from across the truck bed or trailer, while the steering can be switched to the front …Web

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Forklift certification, sometimes referred to as forklift licensing, is a requirement of any operator of forklifts in a given workplace. Class 1, 4, & 5 electric & lpg forklifts. Get your forklift certification today for only $38! …Web

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The largest selection of truck mounted cranes. manufacturers the widest range of truck mounted cranes to meet your unique lifting needs. Our innovative crane lineup delivers uncompromising performance and reliability, with models that cover the entire range of working capacities. You can count on smoother, safer, and more efficient ...Web

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The MOFFETT E-Series is the world's first lithium-ion powered truck mounted forklift. It offers high lifting capacity and it's completely emission free. It is ideal moving goods from outside to inside, such as warehouses and distribution centers. And, its near-silent operation makes it perfect for urban distribution and night-time ...Web



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When it comes to forklifts, you generally have two options. You can either go with a traditional forklift or buy a Moffett truck-mounted forklift.At Bobby Park, we deal in both types of forklifts, and while both …Web

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's new MOFFETT Pro FutureTM truck mounted forklifts make a difference to both animals and environment. 's emission-free MOFFETT E-Series truck mounted forklift contributes to environementally-responsible business practices. Keeping customers on the move with ProCare. 's service excellence is key to US-based ABC Supply.Web

Moffett diesel truck mounted forklifts specifications

The newest 2023 Diesel Truck Mounted Forklifts specs. FLC 253 4W (2.5t) FLC 253 (2.5t) FLC 203 (2t) Manitou TMT 52 LP (2.35t) Manitou TMT 55 HT 4W (2.5t) Manitou TMT 55 (2.5t) Manitou TMT 55 …Web


A Moffett is a forklift truck, mounted to a lorry. With a Moffett, a delivery driver can self load and unload at destinations without forklifts, or without having to wait for on site forklift trucks and operators. A Moffett forklift attaches directly to the back of the delivery vehicle (often articulated vehicles) and still leaves of the ...Web

Moffett M 8-35.4 diesel truck mounted forklift specs (2007

Nominal load at COG: 3.5t – Centre of gravity: 600mm – Standard tyres: L/L 3 – Weight: 3.125t – Transmission type: HY – Model series: M8. M 8-35.4 diesel truck mounted forklift model manufactured by Moffett in (2007 - 2023). Explore detailed M 8-35.4 truck mounted lift truck specs: technical details, table charts and data sheets to ...Web

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MOFFETT truck-mounted forklifts have proven to be one of the most rugged and durable mobile materials handling equipment US military engineers have tested. MOFFETT strives to be at the forefront of development. For instance, it can be carried on the back of a truck or trailer with o loss of load space for safer, faster and cost-effective load ...Web

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Our aftermarket parts keep your Moffett truck-mounted forklift up and running. We offer: Support for most if not all Moffett truck-mounted forklift models. 95% same-day shipment, next-day delivery to all our customers. Customer support in 42 languages. A dedicated technical support team that will provide you with the best possible service ...Web

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Save time and money with the right forklift mounting kit. Select the manufacturer of your forklift. Choose a truck or trailer mounting option. Find the exact kit or parts you need. Konik offers trailer- and truck-mounted forklift kits that are universal, cost-effective, and efficient due to decreased lead time and quick delivery.Web

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La capacité de levage de la gamme des chariots élévateurs de Moffett varie de 680 kg à 3628 kg. Nous offrons des modèles répondant à vos besoins spécifiques. La version multidirectionnelle permet le transport de charges de longue portée sur des sites étroits. Le modèle de chariot compact peut effectuer des livraisons où la hauteur ...Web

The 8 Significant Questions About Truck-Mounted

A truck-mounted forklift, also known as a TMF, piggyback forklift, TMFL, and all-terrain forklift, is designed to lift and mount onto the back of a Class 8 truck or trailer via a preinstalled carrier. This is very easy with proper training and our products' standard capabilities. The truck and trailer are specifically designed to securely ...Web

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Moffett truck mounted forklifts come with the most important safety features and have the highest resale value on the market today. Calgary 1-888-843-6111 Edmonton 1-866-840-9365 FOR SALE Work-Ready, Demo & Used EquipmentWeb

Moffett M 2003 STM diesel truck mounted forklift specs (1995

Nominal load at COG: 2t – Centre of gravity: 500mm – Standard tyres: L/L 3 – Weight: 1.5t – Transmission type: HY – Model series: 2000. M 2003 STM diesel truck mounted forklift model manufactured by Moffett in (1995 - 2003). Explore detailed M 2003 STM truck mounted lift truck specs: technical details, table charts and data sheets to ...Web