Child Labour in Mica Mines: the Beauty Industry's dark secret

Children mine mica to help their families. It is estimated that 22,000 children as young as four work in mica mines in Jharkhand and Bihar, and due to the illegal and secretive nature of child labour, the exact numbers are unknown. Going into narrow tunnels and caves is necessary in order to extract mica; children can fit into them more easily ...Web

Q&A: How MICA plans to drive innovation in the Canadian mining …

CN: The potential for MICA is huge. Canada has an innovation ecosystem, which is very vibrant and spans from coast to coast. However, many of these innovations have failed to reach the mining sector. MICA is positioning itself as a conduit to take late-stage developed mining-related technologies, and technologies from other industries …Web

Mines and Mineral Occurrences of Afghanistan

Data on more than 1000 Afghanistan deposits, mines, and occurrences were compiled from published literature and digital files of the project members of the National Industrial …Web

Mine and mineral occurrences of Afghanistan

This inventory of more than 1000 mines and mineral occurrences in Afghanistan was compiled from published literature and the files of project members of the National …Web

Afghanistan has vast mineral wealth but faces steep challenges …

After the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the Soviets began development of the mine but it was suspended in 1989 following Soviet withdrawal from the country. The high-grade portion of ...Web

(PDF) India's Mica Mining: Implications for the 2030 …

The present study sought to explore the implications of the mining of mica, a natural mineral commodity, in the Indian mining belt in regard to the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.Web

As US exits Afghanistan, China eyes $1 trillion in minerals

U.S. officials estimated in 2010 that Afghanistan had $1 trillion of unexplored mineral deposits, and the Afghan government has said they're worth three times as much. They include vast reserves ...Web

Illegal Mica Mining Continues Unabated in Jharkhand, Causing

Mica mining in India dates back to the mid and late 19th century when railway tracks were being laid down in the Bengal-Nagpur zone. By the 1950s, around 700 mica mines were operational, employing approximately 24,000 people. As per the Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd, the total mica reserve in Jharkhand was …Web

Afghanistan's Mineral Resources Are the Taliban's Cash Cow

The Taliban are strip-mining their mineral wealth to fund factional power grabs. By Lynne O'Donnell, a columnist at Foreign Policy and an Australian journalist and author. Afghan miners work in ...Web

Ruby and Sapphire From Jegdalek, Afghanistan

110 Afghan Ruby and Sapphire GEMS & GEMOLOGY Summer 2000 he gem mines of Afghanistan are some of the old-est in the world. The lapis lazuli mines at Sar-e-Sang, in the Badakhshan region, have been ... and calcite, apatite, zircon, mica, iron sulfide minerals, graphite, rutile, aluminum hydroxide, and other minerals are also pre-sent in …Web

MICAVILLE MEMORIES: The history of an Alabama mining town

MICAVILLE — They were called the "Mica Men.". They were the ones who toiled in the mica mines and helped process the translucent mineral abundant in southern Cleburne and northern Randolph ...Web

Pandemic drives people to risk lives in India's illegal mica mines

Rai said his job as a hostel cleaner paid 5,000 rupees ($68) monthly but now he was fortunate to make 50 rupees a day selling mica gathered outside mines shuttered in the 1980s amid laws to limit ...Web

Global spotlight on illegal mica mines drives Indian villagers to …

India is one of the top producers of mica. Once boasting more than 700 mines with over 20,000 workers, the industry was hit by 1980 legislation to limit deforestation and the discovery of ...Web

The Mica-Pegmatites of Kodarma, India | Geological Magazine

The mica mines of the Kodarma area in the Hazaribagh district of Bihar contribute as a single unit the largest quantity of muscovite (locally known as "Ruby mica") to the world. The mica-pegmatites of this area have attracted the attention of geologists and mining engineers since the beginning of the last century, but still many ...Web


dren's rights violations within the context of mica mining. The presence of sheet mica mining and the existence of illegal mining are two of the five indicators used to assess risks to children. Two other indicators are reports of child labour and the 'suspected' use of child labour in mica mining. Child labour is suspected inWeb

The Difficulties of Extracting Afghanistan's Hidden Mineral Treasures

Entrance to one of several onyx mines in a group of mountains in Dishu District in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. December 24, 2021.Web

The race to mine Afghanistan

The US administration is reportedly keen to develop Afghanistan's extractive sector, having invested nearly $500m already. However, with rampant looting and …Web

Unethical mica in shimmer makeup: An investigation into illegal mines

Experts estimate about 70 per cent of mica production in India is from illegal mining in forests and what should be abandoned mines, run by a "mica mafia". Lebsack was in India in the ...Web

A New Day for Vincent Pardieu on a Trip to Spinel Mines in Afghanistan

The explosives here—as in many Afghan mines that I have visited over the past 16 years—are made locally using some ammonium-rich fertilizers as a base ingredient. ... mica, and a yellow mineral-like material that is commonly found with Spinels in other deposits I have visited in Tajikistan, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, and Tanzania.Web

Ruby & Spinel of Afghanistan • Balas Ruby & More

Afghanistan's ruby/spinel mines are one of the great mysteries of gemology. Historically, rubies and red spinels have been produced from four areas: Burma, Sri Lanka, the Thai/Cambodian border (ruby only; no red spinel) and Afghanistan. While extensive accounts exist regarding the other deposits, in the twentieth century, little has been ...Web

Prepared in cooperation with the Afghanistan Geological

mica, marble, rubies, emeralds, lapis ered non-fuel mineral resources. Min- deposits at depths less than a kilometer. lazuli, asbestos, nickel, mercury, gold eral resources are …Web

What are Afghanistan's untapped minerals and resources?

A 2019 report by Afghanistan's Ministry of Mines and Petroleum put the country's copper resource at almost 30 million tonnes. An Afghan mining sector …Web

Ending Child Labor in Mica Mines in India and Madagascar

That illustrates how unjust the industry is and how severe human rights violations happening in mica mines are. Dangers for children. Mining mica is a labor intensive process that requires going into narrow shafts that frequently collapse and trap children under the rocks. To find mica, children are forced to go underground, where …Web

FACTBOX-What are Afghanistan's untapped minerals …

Aug 19 (Reuters) - Returning to power in Afghanistan after a 20-year absence, the Taliban have regained control of natural resources that a former mines minister of the country once said could be ...Web

Exclusive: Global firms beef up investigations of Indian mica suppliers

In 2013/14 India produced 19,000 tonnes of mica, according to the Bureau of Mines, but exported 128,000 tonnes, with the biggest buyers China, Japan, and the United States.Web

Map of Afghanistan, showing the location of mineral …

Map of Afghanistan, showing the location of mineral resource assessment... | Download Scientific Diagram. Figure 1. Map of Afghanistan, showing the location of mineral resource assessment tracts ...Web


Company Name DAMSILA RESOURCES PVT LTD. Products / Services Range Mica powder. General Contact Info. Address No.255/3 High Level Road Colombo 05. Telephone (94) 11-2809337 (94) 11-5734073. Fax (94) 11-2809337.Web

'We saw young children clambering out of mines': The human …

Adults work in mica mining too, but small hands are needed to sort and pick the mineral, and small frames to fit inside the tiny, deep, dark holes. Deep, dark holes that frequently collapse ...Web

Mica Mining Exposes Child Labor In The Makeup Industry

It's estimated that 22,000 children work in mica mines in India. | Photographed by Jack Pearce. If Pooja's lucky, she'll make between 20 to 30 rupees for a day's work (converted to roughly ...Web

Pandemic drives more people to risk lives in India's illegal mica mines

The RMI last year announced a sustainable mica mining policy that aimed to create jobs for 210,000 workers in Jharkhand and boost exports from 2021, but two state government officials said the ...Web

When mica was king | History | thesylvaherald

According to a report in the Jan. 5, 1944 Sylva Herald, Jackson County was home to the first industrial mica mining operation in the state with the opening of the Big Ridge Mine in 1867. With the rise of industrialization following the dawn of the 20th century, many other uses were found for mica, including as insulation and in vacuum tubes.Web

Illegal Extraction of Minerals as a Driver of Conflict in Afghanistan

This Peace Brief examines artisanal mining in Afghanistan and the illegal extraction of its minerals, which is a major driver of conflict. Research was carried out in …Web

The Taliban are sitting on $1 trillion worth of minerals the world

State-backed projects motivated in part by geopolitics could be a different story. China, the world leader in mining rare earths, said Monday that it has "maintained contact and communication with the Afghan Taliban." "China, the next-door neighbor, is embarking on a very significant green energy development …


Responsible Mica Initiative has grown to include 66 members across the global mica supply chain and NGO world. In 2020, nine organizations joined RMI. High level risk assessment regarding child labor and poor working conditions in key mica producing countries Mica mines Mica processing units High risk for child labor in mica miningWeb